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Tools for Fools

Q: What tools you’re using?

A: Good Question!

Ubuntu 10.10 with Gnome 3 using two virtual desktops.

I’ve been using Ubuntu couple of years because it provides excellent selection of amazing (and free) development tools for a hobby developer (Python in this case). And you can make it look cool too.

My choice for IDE is Eclipse with PyDev-plugin. That combination provides nice set of tools, especially if you also install Pylint (code quality analyzer), coverage and nosetest (which extends unittest to make testing easier).

Eclipse with Pydev

I’m using Bazaar for my version controlling system. It’s simple enough and integrates well with Eclipse (via bzr-eclipse -plugin. I’ve installed also Bazaar Explorer and Bazaar Notification (not so necessary, but I like those). Public repository is located in SourceForge. (UPDATE 2011-08-02: I switched my version control system to Git).

SourceForge also provides wiki and project work item handling via Trac.

For some unknown reason some people are still using Windows (XP/Vista/7). For them I’m building Windows binary with Py2exe in my own virtual Windows (Windows XP running in VirtualBox). Installation package is build with 7-zip and NSIS.

Those are the tools which are used to develop this game.

Viewing differences between two revisions in Bazaar Explorer